Saturday, January 3, 2015

Stitch Fix #6: The Box That Was a Total Bust

Happy New Year! 
We just returned from a wonderful, whirlwind trip to Ruidoso, New Mexico. 
The snow was spectacular! 

Upon returning home, my StitchFix box was waiting for me. In this Fix, I specifically asked for a pair of distressed, dark skinny jeans, a piece of outerwear from my Pinterest board, and casual tunic-style tops. I also made it a point to mention that I love Aztec/tribal print, black, orange, leopard print, plaid, chambray, and anything I'd pinned for inspiration. I also stressed how affordability is key for me!

Honestly, this Fix was such a bust for me. It was totally lackluster (depressing, really), in my opinion. So much so, that I almost didn't want to share it with you, but here goes:

{Yasmin Skinny Jean by Mavi -- $98}
First thing I thought when I pulled this out of the box was, "Um, these aren't even jeans!" They aren't denim and remind me more of riding pants (minus the stirrups) or maternity pants, than jeans. Major cons for me: no back pockets, elastic waist, the fact that they are navy, and the fabric-- everything (lint, especially) sticks to it. The price is quite high for me for these particular pants. Had they been a perfect pair of distressed, dark skinny jeans, I'd definitely splurge.

{Kristy Crochet Detail Blouse by Renee C --$54}
Kristy Crochet Detail Blouse by Renee C -- StitchFix

Kristy Crochet Detail Blouse by Renee C -- StitchFix

The boho feel of this top is right up my alley. I like the v-neck, the color, and the crochet detail on the back, but unfortunately this top was much too tight in the shoulders/upper arms. And as much as I liked the crochet detail on the back, I didn't care for the same detail on the front or on the sleeves. 

{Marley Split Back Knit Top by Olive & Oak -- $44}
Olive & Oak Marley Split Back Knit Top StitchFix

Split Back Detail

This top is casual and cute, but almost too casual for me. It pretty much reminds me of something I'd wear to yoga. I really like the color, the lightweight fabric, and the sexy split-back detail, but this isn't something I'd really be excited to wear. It was also too tight in the shoulders/upper arms. Also, while this is almost the perfect StitchFix price point for me, I've seen Olive & Oak in my local Marshall's store for quite a bit less. 

{Adair V-Neck Thermal by Laila Jayde -- $68}

With its wide v-neck (with velvety lining) and body hugging fabric, this top reminds me of something straight out of a Victoria's Secret catalog. I received it in a teal green color, although it's hard to tell that from the above pictures. Cute button detail on the sleeves. In the end though, it's still just a thermal, in my opinion-- nothing particularly exciting about that or the price point.

{Edel Open Drape Jacket by Skies are Blue -- $54}

I love the Aztec/tribal detail and colors of this piece. 
Unfortunately though, this jacket was far too big for my frame. 

Overall, this was the most disappointing fix for me. Nothing really excited me about it  and the fit/style of all of the pieces was off.  I'm almost beginning to wonder if my desire for affordable pieces is hindering me a bit. I hope not, but maybe. I see such cute, affordable pieces on other blogs and Pinterest boards, surely it's possible! 

My next fix is scheduled for late January. I went back and updated my style profile to reflect more of what I'm looking for/would prefer not to receive. As meh as this fix was, I have faith that my next shipment will be better, because I always provide a lot of feedback on the pieces when I check-out. I hated to lose my $20 styling fee this time around, but I just couldn't see spending additional money on a piece I wasn't in love with. 

And while this fix wasn't "it" for me, I do know that StitchFix is the very best way to shop. 
It couldn't be more convenient! If you're ready to give StitchFix a try for yourself, it's completely easy to get started. Simply sign up, fill out your style profile, and schedule your first Fix. You'll be charged $20, but that amount is deducted from whatever it is you decide to keep. They offer a 25% discount if you decide to keep all 5 pieces. Free shipping both ways and you have 3 days to try on everything in the comfort of your own home. It doesn't get any better than that, girls!

The link used in this post is my unique referral code. You definitely don't have to use it, but I'd be incredibly grateful if you did! Once you sign up, you'll receive your own code, too. Score!


  1. After a Google search for the Olive and Oak Knit top, I found your blog. I received my first stitch fix and it had almost identical items (2 were completely identicle). I am so disappointed that I'm sending it all back. I've sent a note to their hello email asking the style fee to be waived. And now that I've seen your blog post, I think a computer chose my fixes. Lame. Thanks for writing and good luck!

  2. Oh, I'm also an RN! I wrote about it my my style description! Crazy!

    1. Crazy, indeed!

      I'm sorry your Fix was a bust, too. Were you successful in getting the style fee waived? Kudos to you for asking. Wish I had thought to!