Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Stitch Fix #3-- May 2014

Good morning! Spring is in full-effect here in central Texas and the weather is glorious!

After stalking the Fed Ex guy for the majority of the morning yesterday, I finally received my third shipment from Stitch Fix and immediately tore into it. It seriously feels like Christmas morning when that little box shows up-- so fun!

First off, let me say how happy I am that Jenna is my stylist. Of course I don't know her in real life, but I'm pretty sure we'd hit it off if we ever met. She gets me, y'all, and clearly she's a great listener. 

This was the note from her that was included in my box:

"Hi Hilary...I am so glad you are having fun with Stitch Fix! I focused mainly on your request for an affordable price point and also incorporating all tops into this shipment. I found a few pieces that had tribal print. I just hope you like them. Oh, and, I found the Pomelo Indianan print tee that was also on your Pinterest! Let me know what you think. I would love to know! Talk soon...Jenna"

I just love it.

Now onto the clothing:

{Pomelo Downing Striped Knit Shirt: $44}

I've made it pretty widely known that I love the color orange, so seeing this vibrant pop of color in my box made me quite happy. While this is the type of casual top I'd normally choose for myself, this particular shirt was much too big & boxy on me. I also felt it was too expensive for a casual cotton top. I've bought similar style shirts at my local Marshall's for much, much less. It did have great length, though, which I really liked. I have a longer torso and prefer tops that extend past the waistband of my jeans-- this top met the mark in that regard, I just didn't love it as a whole.

Status: Returned

{Papermoon Zoa Tab-Sleeve Embroidered Blouse: $48}

High five, Jenna! This top is exactly my style. I loved it as soon as I put it on. It was slightly snug in the shoulders, but overall fit great. I loved the neckline and it was the perfect length, too! Pros for me: overall style, the beautiful design of the embroidery, and the weight of the fabric-- perfect for Spring & Summer! 

Check out the beautiful embroidery:

I thought FOR SURE that I'd keep this top, but after closer inspection, I decided that the fabric would likely drive me crazy since the shirt is hand-wash only and is not to be ironed.  As a busy mom, I need tops that I don't have to take a lot of care with when it comes to laundering them. The fabric (100% polyester) seemed pretty friable-- I found lots of strings and spots where the embroidery was already fraying. 

Status: Reluctantly sent back

{41Hawthorn Aspen Boat Neck Striped Cotton Tee- $48}

I love stripes and have quite a few pins on my Pinterest board with the nautical look, so I can see why Jenna chose this top for me. Unfortunately, though, I hated this one. The material was much too thick to be a summer possibility here in Texas and this top was way too big (41Hawthorn has proven consistently to run larger on me-- I am going to request that this brand no longer be sent).  I thought I'd love the nautical look (check out the anchor detail on the buttons!), but it's just not for me. This top doesn't strike me as casual at all. I couldn't send this one back fast enough. 


{Loveappella Karissa Chevron Print Henley Tank- $48}

Casual tank with a near perfect fit (just wasn't quite long enough for my taste). Wasn't crazy about the pattern, but I loved the button detail on the front. Too pricey for me for a tank top that I didn't love.

Status: Returned

 {Pomelo Indianan Ikat Print Mixed Material Tee- $44}

Hands down my favorite top in the box. I loved it when I pinned it to my Pinterest board, and it's even better in person. It's the perfect casual top, in my opinion, and I absolutely LOVE the tribal print. I've been asking for tribal print in my last two boxes and Stitch Fix finally came through this time! While this shirt is a smidge too big for me, I love the way it fits and the neckline. The fabric is like buttah--- so. freaking. soft! 

{The gorgeous back}

{Love the colors and the design!}

Status: KEPT!

Overall thoughts & TIPS I've learned: 

1. Link your Pinterest account to your style profile: It's clear to me that Jenna really uses this as a jumping off point for my fixes. I've received actual pieces that I've pinned as well as clothing in colors, designs, and styles similar to those found on my board. 

2. If the prices are too high, tell them so. After my first fix and left feedback saying that the prices were too high for this budget-conscious Mama. In my 2nd fix, I received much more affordable pieces, but I still felt they were too high. I'm a Kohl's, Target, and Marshall's shopper, so their prices are my point of reference. There's no way I'm paying $50/piece (unless I need a special occasion outfit), so I let them know that by setting a specific limit. I asked them to not send any items with a price tag higher than $48 and guess what? They've listened! 

3. If you don't want jewelry or bags, tell them that too! I don't wear any jewelry other than my wedding band and earrings, so I don't need statement pieces in my fixes. I'd much rather have all shirts and made sure to let them know that in the comments section. This is the second time I've received all tops. 

4. Learn what brands fit and what brands don't, then share that with your stylist: I've received 41Hawthorn brand in every Fix and even bumping down a size, that brand still runs big on me. I am going to ask specifically for them not to send this brand any longer (keep you posted on how it works out!).  From this Fix I've learned that Pomelo, Papermoon, and Loveappella run much truer to size. 

Do you use Stitch Fix? What affordable pieces have you received lately that you absolutely LOVE? Let me know!! Haven't tried the service yet? Here's my personal referral link you can use to get started. You don't have to use it, of course, but I'd be so grateful if you did. Best part is, once you sign up, you'll get your own referral link, too! 

Have a beautiful day, friends!

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