Thursday, May 29, 2014

Port Aransas: The Tradition Continues

Three years ago, we and our closest friends took an impromptu trip to the beach to celebrate Memorial Day weekend. We didn't know it at the time, but we were creating a tradition for our two families. Truth is, though, that this tradition started many, many years ago for me. I'm just lucky enough to carry it on.  

This beach is one that I grew up coming to as a kid. As a small child, I thought the beach was a blast, but as I came into my teens, I viewed those trips as such an inconvenience. They took me away from my friends, my phone, my life for days, sometimes weeks, at a time and I didn't like it. If I couldn't bring a friend, I threw a fit. 

I was such a brat. I get that now. 

This beach now, as a wife and Mama, is totally different. 

This beach now is a solace.
A respite.
A place of imperfect perfection.
A place for memories to be made.
A place to reminisce. 
A place to laugh so hard your cheeks hurt. 
A place to silently thank my parents for bringing me to all those years.

Thanks, Mom. I'm sorry I was such a brat back then. Thank you for bringing me here. Thank you for allowing me to bring a friend every now and again, even if you couldn't afford it. You never let on that money was an issue, but I know for a fact it was.  

And Dad, thank you, too. I know you hated the sand, but it made my mom smile to come here. 

To both of you: Thank you for starting this tradition oh so long ago. It continues all these years later and hopefully will forever. 

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