Monday, October 21, 2013

Choose Fair Trade, Choose Green Mountain Coffe

I have to admit, I have heard the term 'Fair Trade' many times in the past, but I never really knew what it meant until becoming a part of BzzAgent's new campaign for Green Mountain Coffee. Turns out, Fair Trade coffee is a very good thing. Here's why:

According to, "Fair trade certification gives farmers a fair price for their beans with a guaranteed minimum, which means they can invest in their crops, their communities, and their future.". This is so very important! Also, because of Fair Trade, Green Mountain Coffee gets to works closely with farmers, which in turn means better tasting coffee for all of us caffeinated coffee freaks. 

It's a win for everyone!

Kelly Clarkson recently visited the Fair Trade community of Agua Azul, Peru to learn more about Fair Trade. You can view her beautiful travel diary here. It is very inspiring.

As for my participation in this campaign, I was sent several samples of Green Mountain Coffee's Fair Trade Three Continent Blend. According to the website, this particular blend is made with beans sourced from "Sumatra, South America, and Ethiopia".  I immediately brewed a k-cup and put it in the fridge to cool to use for my morning iced coffee. I loved that this particular blend is a medium roast and is extra bold. This is the type of coffee I prefer to brew because it holds up so well to ice without becoming watered down. I have to say, the Three Continent Blend is fantastic and I even prefer it over the other k-cups I was using every day. It has a very bold taste without any bitterness and there's a subtle sweetness that I really enjoy. I prefer mine with a splash of half-half and a little bit of sweetener. It's my go-to beverage every single morning.

I encourage you to visit and explore all of the varieties of FairTrade k-cups Green Mountain Coffee has to offer. I personally can't wait to try the Pumpkin Spice variety.

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