Friday, August 16, 2013

Product Review: Lysol Power & Free


 As a self-described clean freak, I'm constantly purchasing cleaning products for my home. I love a good deep-down clean, but most of the cleaners I use come with harsh and powerful fumes. These fumes are often so overwhelming that I find myself having to clean in spurts, which is pretty darn inconvenient. 

 Thanks to BzzAgent, I was given the opportunity to try new Lysol Power & Free cleaning products. I was sent Lysol Power & Free Multi-Purpose Cleaner & the Toilet & Bathroom Wipes. So what's different about new Lysol Power & Free products? 

 I'm so glad you asked. Lysol Power & Free products use hydrogen peroxide to attack pesky stains, giving you "more cleaning power than bleach" without the harsh fumes and chemical residue. And I'm here to report that these products do just that. I'm so pleased! I used both products to clean all of my kitchen and bathroom surfaces.  I also used them to clean out my daughter's lunchbox (these products kill 99.9% of bacteria!), tabletops, light switches, my daughter's desk (they removed tough marker stains!), and all of our phone cases (full of bacteria, if you didn't know). 

  What I liked: - Powerful cleaning without harsh fumes. - Anti-bacterial properties which give me a sense of peace when cleaning - I loved the mild scent of the cleaners 

  What could be improved upon: The only thing that could be improved up is the wetness of the wipes. Mine were not very wet and I found myself having to use them with the multi-purpose cleaner.  

Overall: I am very pleased with the effectiveness of new Lysol Power & Free. I will absolutely buy these products as replacements for all of my other cleaning products. You also can't beat the prices of $1.97-$2.97. I would recommend these products to anyone.  

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